Miss Bitty Bleu’s Circus Themed Birthday Party

This was such a fun party to plan, but the weather was not on my side!  Audrey’s birthday is in March and we live in Riverside Ca, so it’s hardly ever cold at that time, well that year was the exception.  It was freezing!!!!  I mean like everyone was surrounding the BBQ pit to stay warm.   I felt bad because a lot of people didn’t show up because of the weather, and it was outside, but it turned out super cute and she had a blast, so I guess that’s all that matters!


I love this women, I use her for almost all my parties!  she has a huge selection of party packages and you can find her at http://www.dimpleprints.com.  This is the way to go, find someone who sells the whole package and print them  yourself.  Find a local mom and pop printing place, the one I go to only charges 47 cents a print, apposed to 97 cents a print at Fed Ex or Kinkos.  I get everything for the whole party printed for about $30, which is more then half of what you would pay if you go and get all the decorations at a party supply store and thanks to Pinterest and Etsy you can’t go wrong!


The Birthday girl!  She had to keep her jacket on the whole time because it was freezing, but she still was still adorable.  Of course for every party I throw for my girls they have to have coordinating outfits to fit the theme, and she wanted me to make it, so I did.  I also saved money and did my own shoe bows with the extra tulle I had leftover from the tutu. 


Little Fifi, so grumpy that day, but it made for cute pics!




I luckily have an amazing photographer for a friend, but you can buy mini sessions and get 10 to 20 great images for a very reasonable price.  Pictures by the great Anna Culley Photography!

IMG_2063logo copy

Keep your eyes peeled, I got all the popcorn boxes in the dollar section at Target and they came in a pack of 2!  I also got all the snazzy gourmet popcorn bags at Costco, they were a big hit!





It’s always fun to get a professional cake for your party, and it can be done on a budget, you just have to shop around.  This cake is from A Piece of Cake and you can find her on Facebook.  This cake fed 25 people and it was $75.  That may sound pricey, but these cakes run an average of $150 to $175 for this size, so if it’s something you really want just budget for it ahead of time.


It was a great day even if we all froze, but as you can see they still had fun!  Oh and those snazzy little ruffle socks you see are from www.kangacoo.etsy.com

She is amazing and she makes the cutest stuff ever!  The best advise I can give for throwing a child’s birthday is try to have a budget and remember to count food into it, it’s a HUGE part of what you spend:)  Remember you don’t have to have a million bucks to do great things, stay fancy!